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Research Projects

  • Identification of thermal comfort of office workers using wearable devices and development of comfort support measures, National Research Foundation

  • Development of thermal comfort management technology for xEV occupants to enhance the emotional satisfaction effect of proximity air conditioning, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology

  • Airflow comfort verification of premium fan and comfortable sleep airflow design, LG Electronics

  • Development of warm comfort support plan for office workers based on complaints, National Research Foundation

  • A study on the deduction of factors affecting energy consumption in the residential sector based on the behavioral characteristics of residents, Korea Institute of Construction Technology

  • Airflow comfort evaluation for heating and humidification composite products, LG Electronics

  • Effects of three-dimensional heating elements using far-infrared rays on the human body, LG Electronics

  • Development of specialized comfort model according to gender/age based on independent comfort model, Hyundai Motor Company


  • Differences between EEG during thermal discomfort and thermal displeasure, BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT, 2021-10

  • Prediction of thermal comfort of female passengers in a vehicle based on an outdoor experiment, ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, 2021-10

  • Evaluation of comfort in subway stations via electroencephalography measurements in field experiments, BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT, 2020-10

  • The colors of comfort: From thermal sensation to person-centric thermal zones for adaptive building strategies, ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, 2020-06

  • Evaluating assumptions of scales for subjective assessment of thermal environments – Do laypersons perceive them the way, we researchers believe?, ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, 2020-03

  • The Scales Project, a cross-national dataset on the interpretation of thermal perception scales, Scientific Data, 2019-11

  • Changes in EEG when experiencing discomfort due to sudden temperature rise, Journal of the Korean Society for Living Environment, 2019-08

  • Effect of temperature on attention ability based on electroencephalogram measurements, BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT, 2019-01

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